– Around the clock –


Please note:

  • During the summer months, we always make double reservations, i.e. you have a reservation both in the rose garden and in the café according to the weather.
  • Please point out the reservation when you arrive at the café.
  • Reservations remain valid for a maximum of 30 minutes, after which we may give the table to someone else!
  • Please note that we have to limit reservations in terms of time, as some tables are reserved several times a day.
  • Table reservations can only be made on site or online up to 12 hours before arrival.
  • The system automatically allocates seats according to availability and table plan! This means that tables for a desired number of people might not be available for that specific time all tables have already been reserved. Please note that overbooking is not possible. All available times and seats are always displayed up to date!
  • Unfortunately reservations for the same day are not possible

We are already looking forward to your next visit!

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– Birthday, graduation or wedding anniversary –

There’s always something to celebrate

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or wedding anniversary – at Café Fotter, every special occasion becomes a wonderful moment in a friendly atmosphere.

Make an uncomplicated online reservation for up to 6 people. For 7 or more people, please contact us by e-mail.

Can we offer various breakfast variations or prepare cakes in advance? Do you have individual questions to answer?

Send us an e-mail to: reservierung@cafe-fotter.at


Unfortunately, celebrations outside our opening hours are currently not possible.